Now Carrs Bush is even better!

Carrs Bush is an area of glorious bushland in the bottom corner of Fagan Park. At least most is glorious – a small section near Bayfield Road is badly affected by nasty weeds like privet, blackberry and bridal creeper.

Three years ago Still Creek Landcare got a $40,000 grant to attack some of these weeds. We hired contractors and did lots of voluntary work as well. We have now finished this project and the results are excellent – blackberries and bridal creeper are gone. At Council’s request, we left some privet as small bird habitat, but most is gone. There will be lots of follow-up maintenance because privet has an annoying habit of sending up new seedlings when the parent trees are removed.

So take a stroll through this area and admire our hard work, but be careful not tread on any of the new native plants that are coming up, like wattles, peas, ferns and native grasses. Some rain would help enormously!

Some Landcare members also work in the Bushcare group in this area. It gives us a real buzz when we see the improvements we have made over time. You might like to join us and share those feelings. For more information about local Landcare our website is http:// www.stillcreeklandcare. or on Facebook or phone us on 9653 2056.

The picture shows a patch of maroonhood orchids (Pterostylus pedunculata) in Carrs bush.