Northholm Students Supporting our Farmers

Inspired by the “Five for a Farmer” campaign, Junior School Captain, Rosie Kenny (Year Six) led our Junior School in working towards supporting farmers on Monday 13 September 2018.

“The whole Junior School came dressed as farmers and we raised over $900 to help drought stricken farmers” said Rosie. “It was wonderful to see everyone get involved and I was proud to be part of it”.

Rosie had heard about the “Five for a Farmer” campaign at the same time she was listening to one of her teachers talk. “Miss Barlow told us that her parents, who are farmers, have never seen it so dry for so long so I asked her if we could do something to help. When I suggested we join in the ‘Five for Farmer’ she happily agreed. “

Year Three Teacher, Mr Milner, then set up a lesson and FaceTimed his brother, Matt, who is a farm manager of a cotton farm and was able to talk to the students and show them the effects the drought is having. Students came to the lesson with questions prepared to ask Matt. One student asked how the drought has affected his passion for farming, to which Matt replied “if anything it has made my passion stronger and has pulled the farming community together.” One parent commented “What an awesome learning experience! My children couldn’t talk about anything else last night.”

Year Eleven student, Chantal Parle, also has been working on ways to help our farmers.

“Farming is far more important to Australia than many people realise and, as part of my involvement in the Leadership Program, my intention is to try to make a difference and support our farmers” says Chantal. ”The new Northholm Coffee Cart, currently coordinated by the Agriculture Department, is now selling coffees to members of Staff and Year Eleven and Twelve students each morning from 7.45am to 8.20am. Sales profits will go directly to ‘adopting a cow’ and help a farmer keep his cattle alive during this crisis”.

Year Eleven Agriculture Students also took Year Four and Year Two students to the School’s working farm to help feed the cows and sheep. Students were excited to be part of the farming experience, while gaining a better understanding of how important farming is to our society.