Northholm Junior School’s Athletics Carnival

It is always exciting when our beautiful school community comes together and the Junior School’s Athletic Carnival last term was one of those occasions. The new House tents, purchased from funds raised by students at the Fun Run component of the Cross Country Carnival, were fabulous and the atmosphere had a very positive vibe. We talked to the Junior School House Captains about what it means to then to be the leader of their Houses.

“Being Rowland’s JS House Captain, means a lot to me. I need to set an example for other students in my House, stay positive and keep everyone revved up to sing the House cries.” Alahna Dimmock

“I think it’s much more important to encourage everyone in Capell to have a go and try every race you can. Don’t worry about winning or not – just be proud to be part of the event.” Emma Wildes

“I was so happy and surprised to become House Captain for Lincoln. It’s a great privilege and I’m very proud of it.” Alyssa Vlouhos

“I was really overjoyed when I found out I was to be the Patteson House Captain. I have wanted this role since I started in Year Three. I feel so privileged.” Sam Shepherd