Northholm Junior Debating Kicks Off

Northholm’s Years Five/Six debating team have begun the IPSHA Friday Afternoon Competition for 2017 with their first round against Abbotsleigh. The debate ‘That schools should teach current affairs instead of History’ was contested by both schools with and Affirmative and Negative team. For most of Northholm’s teams, this was their first public debate however nerves were overcome as students delivered impactful ideas in their speeches, and rebutted the opposing team’s points with growing confidence. The Affirmative Team comprising of John Awakian, Eveline Cooper, Kieran Coleman and Emma Wildes argued the topic very well with the debate going by a narrow margin to Abbotsleigh. The Northholm Negative team’s win has given Declan Gunther, Hannah Wildes, Noah Elsley and Caitlin Bastian a great start.

“It’s good to see so many of the new members of the team learning from and being encouraged by students who have returned from last year” said Jenny Scotney, Head of English “I wish both teams luck in the following rounds”.