News – The Friends Of Fagan Park

Well, serves me right for taking Council at their word! They later reneged on allowing us to open as I reported last month, and no indication on when that might change – most disappointing.

We wish all our supporters and followers a safe and healthy Christmas, and may 2021 herald a return to near normal activities for everyone. We are so fortunate to live in such a wonderful part of the world, where we have nearly eliminated the Corona Virus from our country. Europe and North America with their approaching Winter makes for distressing news, and if we can stay relatively isolated from their surge in cases, we can begin to enjoy a nearnormal life.

My wife and I have just returned from a trip to Albury and back via the Riverina. The crops are all wonderful, and this is reflected in widespread optimism amongst our farming friends. Most are not quite ready for harvest yet, but the headers are sitting in the paddocks ready to go.

The Howard Hauler is progressing well, having succeeded in locating those elusive electrical items, and we have made a start on wiring everything up, as the photo shows. The timber for the deck has been picked up, but is in a rough sawn state and needs dressing.

Work on the International truck continues. We have completed setting up the brakes, which work on the rear wheels only. One of the outstanding tasks was to test the adaption of modern bearings in the rear wheel hubs. Adaptors had been made 12 months ago, and it has taken this long to have the wheels available to try it all out. A small amount of adjustment was necessary, and soon we will fit all the wheels, a significant milestone. Hopefully, too, our engine woes are behind us.

If you would like to contact us, call Ian 0419 435 475, or Vern 0405 703 413.

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