News from Galston High School

Welcome to Year 7 BBQ

The Galston High School P&C held their annual Welcome to Year 7 BBQ on the first day of school. Audrey and Miranda were just two of our new students who were excited and nervous to begin the next phase of their education. Friends and siblings from Galston Public School were happy to help them enjoy their first day. The next day they were off on a three day camp!

High Achievers’ Assembly

A number of our outstanding Year 12 students from 2017 returned to attend our High Achievers’ Assembly so that the school community could celebrate how they were able to ‘Achieve Excellence and Inspire Success’. Three students, Chloe Skewes-Weir, Chloe Morrisby and Kianna Munro, then addressed the assembly in relation to how they achieved their outstanding results and how they had all approached their study their ‘own way’. For a copy of their speeches and study hints, please see our newsletter on our webpage.

Year 12 raise money for charity on Valentine’s Day

Year 12 enjoyed wooing students on Valentine’s Day to raise money for their charity, Royal Rehab in North Ryde. Songs were sung, roses delivered and hearts were fluttering for most of the morning. Congratulations to the students involved who raised nearly four hundred dollars.

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  • Catholic Healthcare
  • Balmoral Homes
  • Just Better Care
  • Coppernest
  • Dural Tyrepower
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