News from Warrah Biodynamic Farm

For Warrah Society as whole, and especially for Warrah Biodynamic Farm, the Winter Solstice that has just passed provided the opportunity to reflect on the light and life that continues to thrive in the dead of winter. Biodynamic farming is done naturally without the use of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilisers. We work with the land holistically, observing nature and treating the farm as a living biological system that interacts with the natural environment and the wider cosmos.

The guiding principle for biodynamic farmers is to enliven and vitalise the soil. We do this through composting, the use of green manure crops, rotational grazing and the application of a variety of unique biodynamic preparations. Warrah Biodynamic Farm has been certified biodynamic and organic since 1993.

Winter plantings of strawberries are in the ground and the recent rainfall has given everything a really good soaking. The shortest day has been and gone and, believe it or not, we will soon be seeding for spring! Harvesting at the moment and upcoming includes salad mix, rocket, pak choi, parsley, coriander, cabbage, chard, kale, lettuce, radish, beetroot, leeks, fennel, carrots and the first of our navel oranges

The lovely seedlings photo was taken in a photo shoot for the cookbook ‘Making Peace Before You Eat’ by Love Life & Gluten Free. We cannot wait to share this treasure trove of delicious recipes with you in the coming months – not least of all because it includes photographs taken right here at our beautiful farm!

Along with the usual farming activity, the improvements to the Farm Shop are progressing steadily. We are almost ready to paint! You will see an expanded range of products, including fresh and fabulous organic meat.

Don’t miss Warrah’s annual Spring Fair to be held on Saturday, 8 September from 10.00am- 3.00pm. Save the date! Visit