News From The Friends Of Fagan Park

There is till no word from Council on when we can reopen the Museums. Caution is their byword! We would love to have an Open Day on ANZAC Day to showcase all our treasures.

The Howard Hauler has now had the original gear change lever fitted, and all gears can be engaged. The main task remaining is to fabricate a chain guard needed to protect the driver from injury. Otherwise, it is virtually complete. We have traced a bit more of its history which will be included in a display placard in due course. We are very happy with how this machine has turned out.

The next project is a recently donated Howard “Gem” Rotary Hoe also with local history.

Progress on the International truck continues. As I write this in mid-February, we have fitted the engine, and many of its ancillaries and trial fitted the scuttle and radiator, both resplendent in their final dark green colour. These are needed in place to enable many other jobs to proceed, especially measuring up floorboards etc. On that subject, we have taken delivery of newly milled hardwood for the tray floor and its bearers and cross members, and silky oak for all the rest. We will dress all this timber (two trailer loads) at a local Men’s Shed where all the necessary machinery is available. It is really starting to look more like a truck!

DID YOU KNOW that the Fagan orchards were once one of NSW’s largest citrus growers? Surrounding growers also utilised their packing shed (now housing the Agricultural Museum) to prepare their produce for market. Back then, all oranges were graded by size and packed into wooden boxes for transport and sale. Fagans laid claim to being able to pick, pack, transport to Hornsby Railway Station through the Gorge, (then a much narrower dirt road), thence by train to Darling Harbour, loaded onto a ship, and clear the Heads on its way to New Zealand, all within 24 hours from the tree!!!

If you would like to contact us, call Ian 0419 435 475, or Vern 0405 703 413.

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