News from the Friends of Fagan Park

Australia Day, 2017
Australia Day, 2017

After a short recess for the Festive Season, we, the volunteers, are back into our regular Tuesday working days. When you read this, our Australia Day Open Day will have passed, and we can look forward to the next major event on ANZAC Day. In between times, the public can visit the museums on Tuesdays, or on the afternoons of each second Sunday in each month.

The major open days are our way of showcasing to the public the fruits of our restoration projects, when as many as possible are brought out of the Museums and placed on display in the open, and the tractors and trucks given a run through the Park to let people know we are open.

We have new projects under way at all times, with recent completions being a very unusual style of Lister stationary engine, and several motorised and push-style lawn mowers. The major current projects include significant repairs to the McDonald diesel road roller, a 1938 International Farmall model F14 row-crop tractor nearing completion, and an orchard sprayer just started.

The Friends of Fagan Park are dedicated to the museum complex surrounding Netherby Homestead, and we are always on the lookout for new volunteers, whether interested in the homestead itself and its history so bound up in the fabric of the early days of the district, or in farming and historical artefacts in general, or indeed in gardening, as we maintain the Netherby gardens.

Contact Ian Browning, Honorary Curator, 0419 435 475.