Newly Renovated Playgroup Opening

Arcadia Playgroup recently welcomed local federal MP, Julian Leeser, to officially open their newly renovated Playgroup Shed. Playgroup Coordinators, Dale Carn, Farah Miles and Jo Dawson, welcomed Julian, alongside Arcadia School Principal, Sharon O’Brien, and Arcadia P&C President, Pete Jones, who also participated in the proceedings.

The crowd of onlookers heard about the history of Arcadia Playgroup from its inception in 2013 and the previous challenges faced with regard to inadequate storage space and facilities. Arcadia Playgroup took the opportunity to thank the generous funders of the recent renovation project – the Arcadia Public School P&C Association and the Australian Government’s Volunteer Grant Scheme. After failing to secure a local funding source, the Arcadia P&C Association generously covered the vast majority of costs for the project.

Work was completed in January 2017 by a number of local trade businesses including Empire Bathrooms, Dawson Electrical, Arcadia Painting and Abood Excavators. The Playgroup Coordinators then arranged the internal fitout in April.

Prior to the renovation, the playgroup shed was little more than a dirty tin shed with no internal walls, constant water damage, cracks and holes leaving toys open to the elements and a range of creepy crawlies and no power. It has now been beautifully transformed into a functional storage and play space. Features include freshly painted gyprock walls, modern stencilled concrete floor, a new front patio, storage racks and tubs for all playgroup toys and craft supplies, power, including downlights and power points, guttering, drainage work and repair work to the external structure, blackboard paint on the front door and tea/coffee making facilities. A new chair for breastfeeding mums has also been purchased as well as other essentials such as a First Aid kit. The federal MP has even offered to personally donate a heater for the Winter months!

Local Arcadian parents, and their babies and toddlers, now have somewhere very special to come together, to enjoy each other’s company, to give and receive support when needed and to provide opportunities for their pre-schoolers to socialise with other local kids. The Arcadia Playgroup setting has always been very special, with fabulous outdoor spaces to explore, but now the group has the facilities and shelter needed to grow from strength to strength.

Arcadia Playgroup meets fortnightly during school term, Thursday 9.30-11am. Check the Arcadia Public School website for details or call Playgroup Coordinator – Dale Carn– on 0410 532 562 for more details.

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