At the Hills Tri Club Presentation Night held on Saturday 3 August 2019, an induction was held for the 10th Life Member into the club.

Life Membership is awarded to those who are passionate about this sport, are dedicated and active volunteers and are great role models.

Karen Tallis joined the club in 2007. Memories were shared on how Karen attended brick training sessions in the early years, smashing out a training set, and still managing to look glamorous afterwards, always dressing colour coordinated, especially with a dash of pink.

Karen Tallis has been actively involved as competitor and volunteer ever since she joined the club.

As a competitor she has tried every distance, and in 2009 did her first Ironman at Port Macquarie. This year she completed her 7th Ironman, and is already planning number 8.

In 2014 she was Hills Tri Club Women’s Club Champion. As a volunteer Karen has always been involved. When her husband, Scott was Vice President, Karen was always by his side assisting. Karen was then Vice President from 2015 to 2018. Whilst Vice President, amongst other duties, she actively assisted with organising all the alcohol and food for club champs and managed multiple sponsor relationships.

If Karen is racing she is always there to volunteer at rego. Before every race, she always asks how else she can help. Even this season, Karen has continued to be an active volunteer even although she is not a committee member.

Karen was also part of the managementcommittee that orchestrated the winning streak at Club Champs.

Karen has true club spirit: she is a fierce competitor, a female advocate, a mum who encourages her own children to participate and be active members, and a supporter of all other members.

For this reason, Karen Tallis became the 10th Hills Triathlon Club Life Member.