Netball and Futsal Summer Competitions at The Centre

Sport is back on at The Centre and everyone is hard at work ramping up for the Netball and Futsal Summer Competitions, kicking off in September (Register online now).

Futsal is a fast paced, dynamic 5-a-side version of football (soccer) for players of all ages. Playing Futsal helps develop technical ball skills, speed and agility. With smaller court size and fewer players than outdoor football, all players are constantly involved, defence transforms to attack in a split second so there is never a dull moment!

Outdoor players play Futsal at The Centre during the summer off-season to build technical skills and maintain fitness till the winter season starts again. The Centre is planning to accept late registrations throughout the month of October as outdoor winter comps are running later due to COVID-19, but if you want to join late contact the Centre now and secure a spot!

Netball at The Centre is 7-a-side with outdoor rules on full-size netball courts, so you can play “outdoor” netball, indoors, all year round! A different format of two 20 minute halves aims to jointly maximise a longer game time with optimum court usage.

Wednesday mornings at The Centre are popular with mums and kids. The all age Netball Summer Competitions are a great opportunity for fitness and socialising while kids are taken care of in the free creche. The café is also testing out a new menu on Wednesdays, so you can grab a bite to eat after your game and enjoy the newly refurbished indoor space and outdoor terrace with beautiful bush views.

More than ever there is a variety of activities for kids at The Centre with the new Action Kidz program, a multi-sports movement program for 2-4 year olds and Future Starz, Futsal and Netball clinics for 5-10 year olds starting up this term.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Centre!

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