Arcadia Public School

On Friday, May 10th, Arcadia Public School embraced a tradition that not only promotes safety but also fosters community spirit: National Walk Safely to School Day.

What makes this annual event particularly special for our school is the enthusiastic participation of the Arcadia Rural Bush Fire Brigade.

As students made their way to school, they were escorted by members of the brigade, ensuring their safety every step of the way. This collaboration not only highlighted the importance of community involvement but also served as a reminder of the value of teamwork in promoting children’s safety.

The morning was filled with camaraderie and joy as students walked to school. Adding to the festive atmosphere was the talented bagpiper, Mr Jock McDonald, who entertained everyone with his stirring melodies. The sounds of bagpipes filled the air, adding an extra spring to the steps of students and their families.

Upon arrival at school, it was a BBQ breakfast and hot chocolate, courtesy of the wonderful Arcadia Public School P&C. Gathered around tables, students shared stories of their walk to school, further strengthening bonds within the school community.

This annual event holds a special place in our school calendar because what sets Arcadia Public School apart is its unique rural setting. Here on the day, it’s not uncommon to see students wearing gumboots and being accompanied by their beloved pets. National Walk Safely to School Day is more than just a safety initiative for us; it’s an opportunity to celebrate our rural identity and the diversity within our school community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Arcadia Rural Bush Fire Brigade for their unwavering support and to Jock McDonald for adding his musical talents to our event. Together, we made National Walk Safely to School Day a memorable and successful occasion. Mrs Rachel Lacey, Principal (relieving)