All in the name of a Super ….. Fun Fair


Want to meet your favourite super hero?

The DC and Marvel heroes are already gathering to celebrate with the families and friends of St Bernadette´s Primary School Castle Hill for their bi-annual fund raising event.

One of the major highlights of the night is the Super Heroes and Villians parade, where parent dress up as their favourite characters to greet the children and families on the school grounds.

Making a comeback is Sideshow Alley, Storm Ride, Mini Ferris Wheel, Toddler Land, Petting Farm, GWS and NRL Clinic and the delicious International Food Court.

But the Fun Fair favourite will surely be Base181 ( founded by Samson Crew a member from the international boy band Justice Crew, along with his partner Chantal Curmi), a performance by the talented school band and the highly anticipated Haunted House

This year the Fun Fair committee has secured more exciting prizes for the popular chocolate wheel, silent/ live auctions and its raffle.

The Fun Fair Sponsorship Team is overwhelmed by the generosity of families and businesses who have kindly donated towards this event.

This is the schools biggest fundraiser, and as a community they are working towards raising funds to upgrade the school grounds and provide more educational tools and equipment for the students.

The event is held Friday 13th October starting from 3pm to 8:30pm

Everyone is welcomed to come – and experience a wonderful family community event.