Monitor Lizzard Makes Home in Residential Roof

On Saturday 22nd October, the Hills SES unit received what seemed to be a usual roof job but the story was far from the usual storm callout. Monitor Lizzard on roof.

The resident explained to the Hills SES that a couple of Monitor Lizzards had made a home in the roof of their house and as a result had caused significant damage to the roof.  With the impeding bad weather, the resident was concerned of the potential damages the rain could cause. ⛈

The advice from WIRES indicated that Monitor Lizzards have very sharp teeth and claws that could cause significant injury should the animal feels threatened.  Taking this into account, the Hills SES  worked away from the reptiles.

A large trap was prepared on the ground before getting it up on the roof, all of this without physically stepping on the roof in case the reptiles came back.   The roof will be fixed once the monitors have been relocated.