Middle Dural Rural Fire Brigade News

Our Brigade assisted with more joint hazard reductions this month, one at Maroota South, another mid week at Maroota just off Old Northern Road, then at Sackville North. Many thanks to the Sackville North Community for the huge range of early morning delicious sandwiches, cakes, croissants, muffins to provide energy for the tough day ahead.

Once again, these joint operations provided practice for wildfires over the coming summer, with a mobile control centre close to the fireground, to polish strategies and tactics for optimal deployment of firefighters, tankers and bulk water supply.

People sometimes ask how we contain our fires during a hazard reduction, and the answer is in prior preparation. In recent years, teams of full-time RFS personnel entitled State Mitigation crews, create a broad vegetation-free path around the intended burn area, which forms the containment line. You can see below how the fire at Maroota is burning to the left, away from the cleared path which is the containment line.

Once again, with the potential for major bush fires in our area, we urge you to have your Fire Plan in place. Have you cleared your gutters? Have you moved combustible material away from your house? Have you worked out whether you will stay or go? Where will you go? What about your animals? What will you take with you? These are all important considerations that cannot not wait until fire is approaching. The Hills RFS District Office (9654 1244) in Annangrove Road is always pleased to provide you with useful information and advice. If you would like one of us in Middle Dural Brigade to visit you with advice on your preparedness, contact our captain, Len Best (0408 220 705) or Senior Deputy, Ken Middleton (0417 203 088).