Meet Inge Sildnik

Inge has been involved in the health and fitness industry for 20 years. She began her career as a professional dancer. She is a master personal trainer, certified pilates and yoga Instructor, level 5 AntiGravity/Aerial instructor and the owner of Eliit Therapies, based in Galston.

Inge has worked with the general population to achieve and maintain health goals as well as sports teams and athletes. She is also a legit stunt woman and assistant stunt coordinator working on films such as Transformers 5, Mad Max, Mortal Engines and Many more.

She has a passion for performing, extreme sport and adventure and her work has taken her throughout Australia and overseas.

Now is your chance to ask her any of those questions that have been bugging you or to clear up any health and fitness myths.

What is the best way to lose fat?
If I lift weights will I get big muscles?
How do I get a flat stomach?
How many repetitions should I be doing?
Is walking as good as running?
How many times a week should I exercise?
Do I need to take dietary supplements?
Is soreness good after exercise?

Email your questions to [email protected]

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