Matt Kean MP

I was pleased to see the final roadheader Dahlia has been delivered to the NorthConnex project. Named after the Tunnel Manager Ian Webb’s daughter this makes 19 roadheaders working on the $3 billion project.

It is a tradition that the last roadheader is named after the tunnel manager’s wife or daughter. While other roadheaders Petra and Meehan Demon have been named by local schools.

The NorthConnex tunnel will connect the Hills M2 Motorway at Pennant Hills with the M1 Pacific Motorway at Wahroonga. Once completed it will save motorists 15 minutes of travel time and 21 sets of traffic lights. If you have ever been stuck on Pennant Hills Road during peak hour, you will know how much we need this piece of infrastructure.

The NorthConnex tunnel will be one of the deepest roads reaching up to 90 metres below the ground. The tunneling is currently being carried out by the roadheader machines which can cut thought 5 metres of rock per day, which is incredible. More than 3kms has already been dug and I look forward to watching this project progress.

In more good news for motorists changes have been made to Peats Ferry Road. New ‘no-parking’ zones will mean there will be two lanes in peak directions between Bridge and Galston roads. The east side will be in operation between 6am and 10am while the west side will be between 3pm and 7pm.

This will ease congestion for motorists travelling to work and home along this road.

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