Magnificent Results

Congratulations to the Northholm Grammar Class of 2021 on their truly remarkable HSC Magnificent results.

It is with much pride in celebrate our student achievements and recognise that our vision and commitment to academic growth and scholarship continues to be rewarded in consecutive years.

It is unfortunate that the School was not included in the SMH HSC Rankings because they only include Schools that have completed 150 examinations or more (Northholm completed 147 examinations). Nonetheless, if we were included we would have achieved a remarkable ranking of 45. Positioned in the Top 50 Schools in the State is a stunning result.

Northholm Grammar’s standing as one of the leading schools in the Sydney metropolitan area is reflected in the following highlights:
– 3 students on the Honour Roll
– Niamh Cassar, Gemma Squire and Tyler Old.
– 3 State Ranks – Joseph Clemmit (Music 2), Niamh Cassar (Legal Studies), Gemma Squire (Ancient History).
– 79% of students gaining at least one Band 5 or Band 6.
– 88% of courses achieved above State Average marks.

Congratulations to our Year 12 2021 cohort on their magnificent results.