Local Business Wins An International Award

Brent from ‘Brent Parker Motor Trimming’, in Galston, has been awarded The World’s Best Interior for 2020 in the NC Carpet Binding Interior of the Year 2020.

Brent has been motor trimming, which is everything inside the car’s interior, for almost 25years. Growing up in the Glenorie area, Brent started learning the trade as a 16-year-old with a local upholstery shop in Dural. Eventually, Brent went out on his own doing motor trimming as opposed to standard upholstery.

Brent does all types of cars, from vintage, classic to muscle cars and specialises in leather interiors. “When doing interiors, there are many factors to getting an interior just right, i.e. types of materials used, textures and colours. There has to be a perfect balance of design style.” says Brent. Over the past few years, with the vintage and classic work slowing down, Brent started doing more full custom interiors for muscle cars and hotrods.

Brent works with some of the best car building shops in the country, where one-off cars are custom made. It was this work that led Brent to win the award. “The winning interior is what we call a ‘restomod interior’, which means a modern take on the interior from the late 1960s. Many new techniques and methods were used; the car builder Downtown Kustoms used a blend of 3D printing and CNC routering designed on CAD but still paying tribute to its original design”, explained Brent.

On winning the award, Brent says, “The feeling was just euphoria, and I am completely on cloud nine. I’m still pinching myself. It was my reward for all the hard work over so many years, and to be honest, it was the recognition of my peers, which also made it so special.”

The competition was judged by the very best trimmers in the USA with entries coming from all over the world.

Together with Downtown Kustoms, Brent created the award-winning interior for a HT Holden Monaro.

Congratulations Brent, from all of us in your local community.

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