Living Choice Development Galston

Proposed Expansion
Residents may be aware that Living Choice is proposing a Seniors Living development at 330-334 Galston Rd, Galston. The original DA/850/2011 comprised 96 self contained dwelling houses and a community facility to be constructed in 6 stage on the site in 2012 as a deferred commencement. The development consent was recently activated.

A new Site Compatibility Certificate (SCC) has been applied for by the developer with the following proposal: Section 96(2) modification seeking approval to the following:

• Amendment to the approved site plan by proposing 74 self contained dwelling houses, 14 apartments and a leisure centre including a swimming pool.

• Addition of 328a Galston Road in the site

• Potential future addition of 53 Nancy Place (2.34 ha) and 326-328 Galston Road (1.98 ha) to propose an expansion of the retirement village including 89 additional single story self contained dwellings.

Due to the significant changes proposed to the original DA, Council has advised the developer that a new DA will be required We will update readers as soon as we have more information.

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