Everybody is conscious of the need for the country to change, so we never go through another drought like the last season. City people don’t know it but, the drought is still a very real problem in country areas with struggling farmers going to the wall, some after generations on the land.

Our function at Aussie Pumps is not only producing great products, that we market around the world, but also to change the way politicians and even farmers and environmentalists think about the need to bring water to the land.

Are you interested in the world of advertising and media relations? Do you have a creative journalistic aptitude? This could be the career move of a lifetime.

School leavers don’t be shy, if you’ve got an interest in the world of social media, print or even movie making this may be the career move for you.

Aussie Pumps believes that employing locals has huge benefits for staff and the community. Working locally means shorter commutes but more importantly nurtures connections within the Hills district.

Want to know more? Check out our website under careers or contact Sonia Kenney on [email protected] (02) 8865 3500.