Learning through Scholarship at Northholm Grammar

At the heart of Northholm Grammar’s SCHOOL purpose is to create a culture of learning that encourages intellectual rigour, independent thinking and placing a high value on academic study and achievement. We want our students to be challenged and to cultivate a love of learning that will help them to develop the skills to become independent and confident young adults.

A culture of scholarship values each learner and the learning environment so that students can reach their potential.

To develop this environment, Northholm staff have embraced a framework of Responsive Teaching. Our teaching practices promote high expectations of intellectual rigour, use explicit teaching methods, apply data and feedback to inform student development and build positive relationships between teachers and students.

The School approaches learning practices with a deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning. However, we also know that education is more than grades. One’s influence on the world and the willingness and ability to learn, to lead and serve to enable students to live a worthwhile life.

This is recognised in Northholm’s scholarships offerings, recognising not only academic achievers but also talented musicians and passionate all-rounders.

For students who display not only outstanding academic results but also demonstrate excellence in non-academic subjects, the All-Rounder Scholarship gives them the opportunity to benefit from a holistic Northholm education.

Subject areas include, but are not limited to, the Performing or Visual Arts, Debate and Public Speaking, Sport, Leadership, STEM and Community Service.

By welcoming students of all backgrounds and all talents and interests, and supporting them with a caring team of educators, Northholm maintains a learning environment that is safe, respectful, tolerant, inclusive and promotes intellectual rigour.

Academic, Music and All-Rounder Scholarship applications are currently open; visit the Northholm website for more information.