Leading the Way at GALSTON high school

On the 3rd of March, students from Galston High School attended the school’s annual leadership camp at Vision Valley. This three-day camp, held annually, develops the diverse range of skills needed to be an effective leader both within the school and the wider community. The student leaders recently received their acknowledgement for participation at the camp at a whole-school assembly, attended by parents and carers, in which they were also presented their leadership badges.

At the camp, students from Years 7 to 12 who were peer-elected as members of Galston High Schools’ four leadership teams engaged in activities including working in teams, problem-solving, planning and public speaking.

The school’s four leadership teams – prefects, student representative council, student librarian team and house leaders – encompass a diverse range of students, with embodying the school’s values of respect responsibility and personal best. The prefects serve as the face of the school and are responsible for the student leadership and public representation of the school. The school representative council functions as the voice of the school, allowing students an active role in the decisions that shape their school and education. The student librarians are the mind of the school, shaping the educational focus and academic pursuits of the school. The house leaders function as the spirit of the school, adding the excitement and drive behind the various competitions that take place both within and beyond the school.

Galston High School celebrates its students and their diversity, offering opportunities for all students to learn to lead and lead to learn.

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