Introducing a mini Le Tour De Glenorie, of only 11km (or 8km) If you are just getting into cycling, it’s the perfect route to get a feel for your new bicycle and the local built environment along some quiet, rural back roads.

It’s important to consistently practise your bike-handling skills, learn bicycle road safety awareness and gradually build up your cycling fitness level if you are new to road cycling. Because this is a loop, as you get fitter and more confident you might enjoy riding it so much you’ll want to repeat it twice…or thrice… and you can pull the plug at several points if you’ve had enough or hear a coffee calling. Change it up to suit yourself.

To add extra distance and a tiny warm up hill, ride along Old Northern through Glenorie Village past Glenorie Public school, turning right down Timaru Street then right again onto Tecoma Drive; a lovely wide suburban street behind the primary school. Leave suburbia behind by turning left into Cairnes Road, where wide turns to country road narrow and scenic acreages stretch out on either side in a visual feast.

At the fork in the road you’ll bear right onto Moores Road, then right again to enjoy a fast roller coaster ride framed by magnificent big trees.* All too soon it’s time to turn right again onto Munros Lane which is a gentle, but long ascent back up to the Old Northern Road Ridgeline. On the corner you will find a bountifully-stocked example of our area’s beloved roadside farm stalls. Take some time to browse our fresh, local produce and why not purchase some on your way home?

Here you’ll turn left and ride along Old Northern road s houlder for 1km. It’s a busy road, with fast-moving traffic so beware,* particularly when you are merging traffic lanes to turn right into Cattai Ridge Road. This is a fast descent with an S bend to get through the creek. Cattai Ridge Road has intermittent road shoulders, and there are none here so you have to descend in the actual traffic lane. Keep your bicycle under control, because it will take off like a rocket down here and you could be riding in excess of 55km/h unawares- and then you have those S-bends to navigate safely too. As you exit from the creek, there is some road shoulder to ride on until turning right into Post Office Road. There is virtually no traffic here, but the road surface is quite rough. You’ll soon forget this rolling resistance inconvenience when you are faced with the wicked pinch climb into Glenorie Village to complete the loop… or ride it again!

**Alternative 8km loop:
Avoid the traffic stress of busy ONR and Cattai Ridge Roads by instead riding Harrison’s Lane from Munroe Road, turning left (at the Veterinary Clinic) into ONR, then immediately right into Whites Road which has lovely views of the distant hills of the Hawkesbury, delivering you quickly and safely to Post Office Road.

Coffee & Camellias:
Avoid the traffic and coffee ques at Glenorie Village, and consider starting and finishing this loop ride amongst the flowers at tranquil Camellia Grove Nursery, 8 Cattai Ridge Road. Café Sasanqua at the grove has an excellent gourmet menu, a book lovers nook and great coffee for that relaxing Apres bike ride reward!

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