By Christopher Bradbury, Principal of Northholm Grammar

Kindergarten is a vital and exciting time for your child. At Northholm Grammar we provide a vibrant and nurturing environment where our young students learn through experience, exploration, discovery and by challenging themselves through both play and structured activity.

During these formative years, we aim to instil a love of learning by encouraging imagination and independent learning side-byside with hands-on support. We are committed a purposeful learning culture and balanced Kindergarten curriculum both inside and outside of the classroom.

Perceptual, Language and Literacy development builds a solid foundation of all perceptual developmental skills including visual and auditory perception and fine and gross motor skills. Key to all Kindergarten activities is the development of language as a vehicle for thought, memory, reasoning, expression and communication.

Mathematical understanding is developed through the appropriate use and demonstration of Maths vocabulary and the exploration of concepts using mathematical apparatus.

Creative development with our specialist art teachers allows students to explore creative thought, sensory exploration and aesthetic sensitivity. Patterning introduces students to the basic concepts required to understand Information Technology coding processes while Lego programs using cogs, pulleys and levers help students discover the fundamental principles of simple and complex machines.

Physical development and sports programs focus on the development of both fine and large muscles through control of movement and develop concepts of the body in space.

Music, taught by a specialist music teacher, includes opportunities for appreciation, memorisation, creativity, selfexpression and communication, as well as perceptual and physical development. Dramatic expression encourages selfconfidence and enthusiasm for performance.

Co-curricular Programs are aimed at enriching, supporting and developing students’ holistic, emotional, social and physical growth. Northholm offers many co-curricular programs and clubs to encourage students to discover their skills and talents.

From Kindergarten to Year 12, our ethos allows students to grow as individuals and find their passions so they can become confident and compassionate students and go on to lead a well-rounded life, contributing to a thriving society as responsible citizens. Northholm Grammar is ready to welcome and get to know your child at the start of their learning journey.

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