Julian Leeser – Federal Member for Berowra

By Julian Leeser, People often ask me what my favourite part of this job is. Without trying to sound like a cliché, it is undoubtedly the opportunity to help our community.

While part of that role is representing you in Canberra, another important part is helping members of our community to access and navigate Federal Government services.

I am hearing more and more about people suffering because the wheels of bureaucracy are turning far too slowly. When that happens, we are here to help. One of the main areas where we assist is with Centrelink, Medicare and the NDIS.

For instance, Jess from Mount Colah applied for paid parental leave but, 3 months later, it still had not been approved. My office raised the issue with Centrelink and, four days later, she started getting those muchneeded payments.

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I’ve long advocated for better telecommunications for our electorate. If you have telecommunications problems, we may be able to help. Recently, Lee from Cherrybrook contacted our office about issues with his phone and internet connection which had continued ever since he moved into his home 6 months before. My office raised the problem with Telstra, who fixed the problem within a week.

Additionally, while we can’t influence the migration process, we can draw the Department’s attention to applications and seek updates on your behalf. For example, last year, Taylor from Thornleigh’s niece applied for a visa to come to Australia for her wedding.

When it still was not approved 3 months later, despite her family’s visas being granted, our office escalated it with the Department. A few days later it was approved – making for a much happier wedding!

If I can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 9980 1822, or by emailing Julian.Leeser. [email protected]