The Importance of Pollinating Insects

Around 65% of flowering plants depend on insects for pollination but when you look at our dependence on plants for food production, medicines and textiles, our need for pollinators is a far greater. This makes it very important to protect and support pollinators wherever we can.

Plants have evolved to attract pollinators. They produce a food supply or an insect attracting scent, colour or flower shape to improve the chances of reproduction. Some plants have evolved to become dependent on specific species of insects. The Small Tongue Orchid (Cryptostylis leptochila) has a flower resembling parts of a female Orchid Dupe Wasp (Lissopimpla excelsa).

The importance of native Pollinators has been shown to increase fruit set between 500% – 800% when they have local native Pollinators. Without pollinating Insects in our area we couldn’t support our market gardens, orchards, flowering gardens or native bushland as we know it. How we manage our grazing animals would also dramatically change.

To help counter the impact on insects from habitat loss and chemical use, Still Creek Landcare will be at the Arcadia Public School Market Day on the 18th November to give a workshop on creating your own Insect Hotels.

And while you’re there, we can also help with information on Local Weeds and advice on many aspects of managing your property. See you on the 18th November at Arcadia Public School. or Facebook or phone 9653 2056

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