HSC Achieving Goals

By Matt Kean

As the school year for 2022 commenced at all levels, I have been impressed with both students and teachers across my electorate, as they again show their resilience.

Towards the end of last year, I watched closely as the HSC results came in across my electorate and I would like to briefly review the year 12 students achievements at our local high schools.

As we all know, last year was extremely difficult for everyone, but not least for these young adults in their last year of high school as they faced the challenges of the HSC during a pandemic.

It is extremely heartening to see so many extraordinary HSC achievements attained by students, in particular from Galston High School, Northholm Grammar and Pacific Hills Christian School.

With various pandemic interruptions throughout 2021, it made for a challenging school year. I would like to highlight and recognize the support provided by both teachers and parents in my electorate for their incredible work to create the most suitable environment possible. Their considerable efforts helped our 2021 HSC students attain the best result they were capable of achieving.

In the case of Northholm Grammar, the 2021 Year 12 students achieved that school’s best ever HSC results, with the school obtaining a ranking 45th in the State. Three students were named in the All Rounders List (for achieving a Band 6 or equivalent in 10 or more subjects). These were Niamh Cassar (also Dux of the school), Gemma Squire (also 8th in NSW for Ancient History) and Tyler Old. A special mention to Joseph Clemmit who was ranked first in the State for Music 2.

At Pacific Hills Christian School Sarah Messer was awarded Dux of the school with an ATAR of 98.4. Sarah, along with Jessica Tan, was also made it on All Rounder List. In addition Joshua Young was fourth in NSW for Software Design and Development.

Galston High School HSC students included an impressive total of 35 top band results. Ashley Tkacz was Dux of 2021 with an ATAR of 98.15, just ahead of Caitlyn Davies’ 97.25. They led a significant number of other impressive HSC results to come out of Galston High School.

Congratulations to all of our 2021 HSC students.