Why I now offer my Zumba classes via Live stream:
A month ago, I felt my world get swept from under me when it was announced we now have a serious world pandemic. My main priority was to keep everyone safe, so I shut down all my classes even before the government’s lockdown laws.

After a few days of tears and feeling like a bird with its wings clipped because I couldn’t dance and share my passion anymore, I made a decision to offer my classes online.

It has been a huge learning curve to teach myself everything and anything I could with this new technology but giving up was not an option. I realised I can do hard things especially when the WHY I was doing this way too strong.

Now that we are up and running, I get to see and feel the joy at a time of anxiety and worry. For that one hour or so, we are all connected. In this new norm with so many changes, I feel my livestream classes give us that one constant to get up, get moving and get happy. We get to interact on our little screens and dance and laugh together. After our class, most of us stay back to continue with our coffee chats, sharing funny stories and sometimes even having a cry together. I am overjoyed that I can offer movement and music as the best therapy for everyone’s physical, emotional and mental health at a time of uncertainty.

Livestream on ZOOM class schedule:
Monday nights at 6:30pm
Wednesday & Friday at 10:00am

ZIN Studio online classes, starting from Saturday April 25 (accessible anytime from 9am to 2pm)

For more info: [email protected]

My experience as a participant of online Zumba

The truth is, it’s not as good as feeling the energy of the real experience. Moving and exercising with others is invigorating and motivating.

However, doing online Zumba is way better than not doing anything at all. Nina chooses our songs, guides us through the movements, and once you are in the zone, you forget that you are in your own home. As you get to see some of the other members, you do feel that you are part of a connected group all with the same aim, to keep fit, enjoy the music and to soak up the revelry of other class members. It is still fun and surprisingly an excellent workout.

We do our classes via Zoom and Nina sends us the link the night before. Once the Zoom app is installed on your computer the rest is easy. I actually attend classes more regularly now and use them as structural pivot points in my week.

Nina has such a joyful soul, by the end of the class, we feel uplifted, restored and recharged. The final song is always an inspirational choice, and the past few classes have had poignant messages. If you would like to hear some of these songs and lyrics here are a few for you to be inspired by…’Let it Be’, ‘3 Birds’ by Bob Marley, ‘What the World Needs Now’, ‘ The Circle of Life’, ‘Don’t Worry’ be Happy – Bobby McFerrin, ‘Here Comes the Sun’ and the stirring, ‘What a Wonderful World’ – Louis Armstrong
contributed by Mary