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You have probably noticed that we don’t have to teach children to do wrong. They do it because it is natural for them to do so and need to be taught to do right. This is because our human nature has that twist to it, a sinful twist.

Have you ever driven a car with faulty steering? It keeps pulling to the left or to the right instead of going straight. Some shopping trolleys do the same thing and seem to have a mind of their own; they want to go in any direction but the right one.

That is an illustration of what sin does in the human heart. Our natural tendency is to turn away from God instead of towards Him. We choose to run our life the way we want to, leaving God out of it . We may do many good things in life, but if we don’t include God in our life and have a relationship with Him, we will be separated from God for ever.

This means separation from God, both in this life and after we die.

Facing Hard Facts

We ourselves can’t remove the barrier of inherited sin between us and God. The first thing to do towards becoming a real Christian is to recognize and acknowledge this, then we are in a position to accept what God has done for us. The Bible shows us that this involves admitting that we are sinners , not the perfect people we may like to think we are, It may be easy for us to classify people involved in criminal or immoral activity as sinners.

How often have you heard good living people say,” I’m a good person, don’t call me a Sinner, I’ve never done anything really bad.”

But God looks at our heart, our inner life, our tendency to turn away from Him instead of towards Him, and this is what sin really is. (by Rev E.C. Long.) to be continued.

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