Hills Hawks FC Coaching 2017

This year HHFC will be expanding on the minis coaching programme. We have engaged Soccer Kickstart to run a Cooperative Training Model for our Under 6 – Under 9 kids on a Tuesday night. This will be complimented by additional training opportunities for our U10 – U14’s also on a Tuesday Night.

The Cooperative Training Model is a concept created by Soccer Kickstart and it has been successfully delivered for the past 10 years to over 20 Clubs in 4 different associations across Sydney. The concept is based on educating club coaches to deliver best practice, providing a professional and structured training environment in order to maximise results and overall enjoyment for all involved. The program is aligned with the FFA curriculum.

What is Cooperative Coaching/Training?

• A Soccer Kickstart Coach Development Officer will deliver a fun packed in service to all club coaches involved in the program, setting them up with the right tools to understand all exercises and objectives as well as dealing with challenging situations that may arise.
• Teams of similar age train in the one time slot allocated by the club
• A Kickstart Head Coach (KHC) pre-sets all the equipment for training
• A simple/objective Program is emailed weekly to managers/coaches
• Each team is accompanied by their coach
• The coach and their helpers complete the variety of stations set up by the KHC working towards a session ‘theme’ based on a core skill.
• The KHC will inform the teams when to rotate and will help groups attain a higher level of training by developing the coaches.
• The program is highly structured with core skill development and game training understanding. The KHC will follow this program.
• A conditioned World Cup is held every 4 weeks which is completely run by the Kickstart Head Coach with the training coaches support.

This session is designed to focus on game play specific improvement areas, that are identified by team coaches and communicated to the cooperative lead coach.

Paul Wade will once again be looking after sessions on a Wednesday night for all those interested from U15 to AA and O45. More detail to follow soon.

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