Hills Grammar School

Hills Grammar introduced the Entrepreneurship program to their Senior School curriculum this year which has proven to encourage students to think about life beyond the school gates.

The new program is part of the Deeper Water, Deeper Learning framework, aimed at developing Deep Learning Competencies of Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Citizenship and Character.

Each term, the school has had a day where the students leave their regular classes to focus on developing a business idea, supported by regular time to carry on with their research and development. Earlier this year, the students pitched their ideas to Stephen Rutter – UTS innovation expert and founder of the Scale Institute.

Since pitching their ideas, students spent much of distance learning developing plans to showcase their businesses including pivoting their marketing plans to account for the global pandemic. One group has since evolved their idea beyond theory and created a new business ‘Crisp Salads’.

The team behind Crisp Salads recently catered lunch for the School’s executive team – including individual packs including hummus, pita bread, fatayr, kibbeh, mini za’atar manoosh, tabbouleh, kafta, knaffeh and mixed fruit.

The reviews have been glowing with the Acting Principal, David Cook, commenting that the feast was truly ‘exceptional!’

The Entrepreneurship program adds to the depth of learning across the school including innovative programs such as the Year 5 Mars Colony (Citizenship), Year 6 Expo (Critical Thinking), Year 7 STEM program (Collaboration) and the Year 8 Game Changers (Creativity).

These programs work in conjunction with the School’s rigorous co-curricular, wellbeing and academic curriculum in nurturing and future-proofing the Hills Originals for life beyond the school gates.