Hidden in the Hills Lake Parramatta

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Although Lake Parramatta no longer borders the former Hills Shire Council area, it has long been an enjoyable recreational destination for people living in the vicinity of North Parramatta North Rocks and Carlingford. Most visitors tend to stay in the vicinity of the established picnic areas close to the dam wall.

However, starting from near the dam wall is a not so well known loop track snaking around the entire lake through the bushland above the shoreline upstream to the north. The total length of this walk is around five kilometres. It takes the walker through fairly dense scrub in places as well as open forest in others. Some sections are a little challenging, but this is rewarded by many outstanding water views of the lake as the track winds its way around the upper reaches.

A variety of water birds can be observed, either on logs nearby to the water’s edge, on low branches over the water, or foraging in the shallows. Both Pied and Black Cormorant are quite numerous, along with Darters, Ducks and Water Hen.

In the upper reaches the track crosses Hunt’s Creek where this watercourse flows into the lake. It is in this area that it is possible to glimpse several foliage birds that prefer to frequent the more dense, almost rainforest conditions found here.

There are some shorter loop tracks following around the southern shore of the lake presenting pleasant views of this part of the lake.

During cooler months most wildflowers are usually not in bloom, but later, starting around August, the bushland starts to reveal splashes of colour along the borders of these bushland tracks.

Parramatta City Council has a comprehensive brochure and map on their website.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]