Here’s an Idea for 2022

Over this last year of 2021, I have, with my Mother, been writing her life story. I have enjoyed doing this, and now we are nearly finished, ready to be printed.

In the story, before my Epilogue, I have included a challenge for those who will read the book. The Idea is, to remember all the five house names mentioned along the way.

Both Mum and I consider a house/home seems more especially loved if it has a name, more than just being known by only a number in the street.

Maybe you’d like to recall home names in your past, or consider one for your ‘now’ home if it hasn’t one already. The reasons behind ‘Why that name’ can be interesting!

For my parents, ‘ Maple Hill‘ just seemed nice, although Dad did like Maples, and has three in the garden here at Dural.