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I conducted a wedding this week far removed from the sweeping beauty of Yellow Box where Dave and Morgan were married. In my capacity as a Marriage Celebrant I was engaged to perform a wedding in Villawood Dention Centre. Working as a Celebrant I have married people on Cruise ships, in a hospital, up a mountain, in forests, even a gaol but this was my first time I had entered a Dention Centre. The paperwork I needed to complete in order to be allowed inside was daunting and the actual experience gave me insight into what it must be like to be a resident of such a centre. Once I entered the inner sanctum I found the environment to be well maintained and the garden courtyard was lovely. It was unexpectedly pleasant and peaceful but this may have been because we had the space dedicated to our small gathering. Despite the surrounds I was pleased that I could exit through 2 security doors and resume my life on the outside.

You wouldn’t read about it!

Just a simple little delight that had the participants a little aglow with the synchronistic of the moment.

I Mary, was on a call with my boss Diana when another call came through. I said to Diana that I had another call and promptly disconnected from her to answered the incoming. To my surprise it was another Diana. Essentially I had replaced one Diana with another but as I started to speak to Diana number 2 she had a customer enter her shop called Mary. So we had a Mary speaking to a Diana who stopped to speak to another Diana who stopped to speak to another Mary…. silly stuff but you won’t read about it but you just have…haha!

Mastery of Flowers

Pictured is Liz and from A Floral Affair in the Dural Mall, presenting Alex Coupar with a beautiful bouquet to congratulate her on successfully completing her Certificate 4 in floristry.

Alex completed Certificate 2 and 3 in 2012 and this year completed Certificate 4. Over the past 5 years Alex has worked at A Floral Affair and has proven herself to be a wonderfully creative and inspired florist. Her thanks go to Liz and George for their support, guidance and encouragement to help her attain her qualifications.

Mosaic mastery

The Glenorie PS year 6 class of 2017 are making their own farewell gift to the school, in the form of a magnificent mosaic shield.

Their artwork represents the four houses of Glenorie PS, namely Emus, Wallabies, Red Roos and Kookas. This creative community mosaic project is being facilitated by local visual artist, Susanna Mills.

Susanna is the artistic visionary behind the Galston High and Galston Public school mosaic installations, the glittering Glenorie PS ‘Welcome’ sign done to photographic perfection, and ‘Amika,’ the Eco Garden Goddess of Fagan Park!”Mosaic is a slow and methodical process,” says Mills, “Which is perfect for many pairs of hands to be working collectively on an artwork. I love sharing my creative skills and technical knowledge and witnessing how the transformative qualities of mosaic art make any space or object it is applied to, become something magical.”

The Glenorie House Shield Mosaic will be installed near the main entrance of the school and, as an extra-special touch, every 2017 Year 6 child’s name and those of their teachers, have been individually engraved and integrated into the design.

True Love

I met an amazing woman who completed my life, and I thought my heart was full. Then marriage came, and I thought ‘now it’s full’. Then, my son Brannon entered the world, and has so far given me the most amazing two years of my life to date. And I wonder, how has my heart not yet exploded? I’d like to wish my son Brannon a very happy 2nd birthday. You and your Mum are my world. You are so cherished, especially by your Nanna, Granddad and Grandpa, who you give so many smiles to (and who spoil you so much). We love you little guy

Drew McLean

Penny, the next instalment

A few months ago, we met Penny, the little girl who both surprised and delighted her parents when she was unexpectedly born at her home in Glenorie. Like many babies, at her six week check up, it was found that she had ‘clicky hips’. This can happen when the hip joint hasn’t finished hardening as your baby pops early into the world. Years ago the technique of putting two nappies on, mainly fixed the problem. Now, they have these harnesses. They frustrate babies but work really well and fast at helping the hips sort themselves out. So, if you see a baby in a harness… no, they haven’t broken anything! Their parents are just giving them the best love and care that they deserve. Penny was in the harness for six weeks and is now enjoying wiggling all over the place.

A Country Wedding

Congratulations to the happy couple, David and Morgan Vella, just married at the family property “Yellow Box” near Sofala in NSW. David’s brother John was best man and gave a brilliant speech.

David went to Glenorie Public School where he made good friends, cultivated a love of learning and spent many hours doing extra curricular activities such as tennis and skate boarding. David went to NSW University and received his Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design and then his Masters in Project Management and Building Construction. He and his step-brother Roly Stokes helped build a lovely home and barn at “Yellow Box” both being between degrees. This was wedding number two at Yellow Box, Miranda Stokes having married Sam Grant in 2011.

David and Morgan have been together for 6 years and it was high time for another wedding. Morgan, formally Morgan McKinlay of Dee Why, met Dave at Manly and they promptly went scuba diving together for their first date.

Morgan and Dave love coming to the property and Morgan has been planning their wedding for a while having studied and worked in hospitality and events management. She and Dave moved to Wagga earlier this year to continue her studies in Veterinary Science and Dave was able to transfer his work to Wagga. Dave and Morgan have a love of the land and animals together and all looks pretty good for their future together.


Round Corner Dental is one year old! We celebrated our 12-month anniversary since opening with a wonderful lunch at our local restaurant Ironbark. We definitely recommend the Sticky Date dessert…your teeth won’t like it, but your tastebuds will! We have loved getting to know so many locals (and a few not-so-locals!) and their families over the past year. It’s also been wonderful to see patients coming back for their 6-monthly check-up appointments – so nice to see familiar faces, just like old friends (and we’re also happy you’re looking after your teeth). Time goes fast when you’re having fun!

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