A new bench for Galston
I wonder who recalls from a few years ago, the wooden bench that was located in Mid Dural Road near the “walk through” to Hakea Crescent. That bench was vandalised and later removed, leaving only the cement slab. The bench had been used as a resting place for many walkers in Galston, including my neighbour. Carol.

Well, this year Carol ( and maybe others also ) made many requests to Hornsby Council to replace it with a new bench. To her surprise and joy, a few weeks ago, she saw this new metal bench. So delighted was she that she even took a box of chocolates to Council to thank them.

From myself and the many others who appreciate the bench, I also say thank you to Hornsby Council.
Christine Stockman.

‘Roundabout’ articles
Christine, thank you for bringing up the issue regarding our roundabouts in Galston.

I agree whole heartily with you, our roundabouts use to be presented so well.

The one outside the gorge is disgraceful, such a shame when people are visiting our area for stunning open gardens, leafy parks etc.

This roundabout at Old Castle Hill Rd and Tuckwell Road in Castle Hill is very attractive and simple, it would be lovely to see something like it achieved outside The Gorge.                  – Belinda Crofts

Oh what a night
Unlike the song, it was actually early July back in 2019 when those who gathered to support the Relay for Life Retro dance party did experience (and danced to) ‘oh what a night’ The dancing spirit of all those dressed in the theme of the 70’s and 80’s was fantastic and it was remarkable that we all remembered the steps and moves to our favourite hits from way back when. Galston Zumba teacher, Nina was leading many of the dances with her unstoppable energy and fluid moves…..every function should have a Nina to kick start the frivolities. Congratulations and thanks to the committee for organising such a great night and as this is an annual event I expect to see you all there next year….maybe you can take my crown of ‘best female dancer’ from me…haha!

Therapy Group
Can you think of a better way to brighten someone’s day than a visit from a furry friend? Merlin, my 4 year old black cavoodle has been ‘working’ for a local pets as therapy group, Hills Pet Buddies, for the past few months and he clearly loves his job!

We have been visiting two facilities in the local area, one in Glenhaven and one in Bella Vista and have made so many new friends. A smile and a chat are always welcomed by the residents but it’s the animals who truly bring them joy. These aged care residents are only too happy to share stories of their beloved pets and I love to try and guess what type of dog they once had in their lives. Sometimes I can even guess the names! Merlin and all the therapy dogs are very in-tune with each resident and seem to know exactly what they need, whether it just a hug, a scratch, a brush or a big wet kiss. Sometimes it’s just to be looked at and admired, and that’s ok too. We just love seeing those smiles. contributed by Debbie Whittle

Interested in volunteering? Like to organise a visit? Contact Sandra Merhi 0417 675 220 or email [email protected].

Praise and thanks
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bruce and staff at Glenorie for their caring expertise and genuine concern for all my animals in all the years I have dealt with them.

I have been very fortunate indeed to have Bruce attend my Horses, Old English Sheepdogs, American Cocker Spaniels and Boston Terrier.

You will be sorely missed Bruce but I would like to wish you well in your new role in retirement.

From the bottom of my heart … thank you. – Gail C Lovett

Trouble Brewing
My friends and I were gathered around a table recently and as I watched I saw my friend stirring her tea with a knife. Round and round she went and while mesmerising me I did remember a superstitious quote. I said to my pals seated next to me, ‘ I am getting agitated as I watch that tea being stirred with a knife as the saying goes…stir with a knife, stir up strife’, moments after espousing this comment the cup of very hot tea was knocked all over the stirrer and the table. Spooky but true.

It is with great excitement we welcomed into the world our new and first granddaughter Adelaide Grace Townsend Born 18/06/2019, weighing 3.2kg and 51cms long.

It has been a long and sometimes sad and stressful journey for both her parents Ashlyn and William who are now overjoyed and fully head over heels in love with their little girl.

Being a Midwife myself and my daughter also being a Midwife it was super special to be at the birth of my granddaughter.

May her life be filled with love, health and happiness always.
Love Marnie and Pa Wilford.

Learn to listen to achieve a great success in your life
Many people neglect this most important communication skill. Do you know that we spend the greater part of our waking day communicating? Of this communication time, 9% is spent writing, 16% reading, 30% talking and 45% listening.

Immediately after hearing something, most of us can recall only 50% of what we hear. Within two to eight weeks, we can recall only 25% or less of the original message. Our mental attitudes reduce our ability to retain what we hear. Here are some suggestions to being a good listener First of all stop talking – you can’t listen while you are talking.

Ask questions – when you don’t understand, when you need further clarification, when you want to show that you are listening.

Don’t interrupt – give them time to say what they have to say.
Concentrate on what they are saying – actively focus your attention on their words, their ideas and their feelings as they relate to the subject.

Look at the person – by looking, it him or her them confidence that you are, in fact, listening. It helps you to concentrate too.

Leave your emotions behind – try to forget your own worries and problems. They will prevent you from listening well.

Understand the main points – concentrate on the main ideas.

Don’t argue mentally – when you are trying to understand other people, it is a handicap to argue with them mentally as they are speaking. This only sets up a barrier between yourself and the speaker.

Use the difference in rate – you can listen faster than you can talk. So use this rate difference to your advantage by staying on the right track, anticipating what they are going to say, thinking back over what they have just said and evaluating the development of their argument. You speak at about 100 to 150 words per minutes, but you think at 250 to 500.

A special birthday
Margaret Thew from Glenorie celebrated a special ‘0’ birthday this week and some of her pals gathered at Berowra Cafe, to recognise and give tribute to this caring, gentle, loving and sassy gal. Even though the number has crossed a great divide Margaret carries herself with grace and is young in heart, spirit, mind and and still looks amazing.