Hannah’s wedding
On 12th October, in a truly beautiful ceremony, Hannah Ignacz married Tim Skillicorn at St Michael’s, Baulkham Hills. Hannah is the daughter of Lynda and Damien, of Glenorie, and Tim, son of Bev and Paul. Hannah’s cousin and talented pianist, Francis Atkins, created an enchanting atmosphere, playing Claire de Lune as Hannah walked down the aisle.

The reception, held at Zest Waterfront, Mosman, was a wonderful joy-filled celebration. Family and friends were blown away by the bride’s surprise performance, singing Alicia Keys “If I Ain’t Got You”.

The mostly cloudy weather provided perfect light for photos, and the clever photographer made the most of the rain, when it did fall, and captured this magical shot.

A stunning garden
Arthur Moit has been a lover of all things green since as early as the late 60s. He grew a love of roses and many other plants as he began a regular gardening business, visiting homes on a weekly basis keeping his customers Gardens looking pristine. With the purchase of 5 acres back in the 90s he now had a garden he could create and make his own. With a huge array of roses in many different colours it has become quite and eye catcher as you pass by along Old Northern Road. Over the years it has changed with many different varieties of all kinds of flowers and plants. Many people stop as they pass to take photos. Some of the rose varieties he currently has are, Mr Lincoln, Iceberg, Fragrant Plum and Queen Elizabeth.  contributed by Mary Mousssa

Nice place for a picnic
Thought I’d seen it all until I drove into my property recently and found two cars parked and about seven people having a picnic and playing cards on my lawn. After trying to explain that this is not a park and that it is private property they said they would leave after their card game was finished. Unbelievable! contributed by Angela Laphos

Supportive husband
I was witness to the love of a caring husband recently….best if I write this with substitute names. Celeste needed a change of clothes and asked her husband….mmmm Christos (that’s a good name) to bring a set of clothes to the hall. Christos waited patiently outside for 45minutes until Celeste had finished her class. She collected the clothes then changed. Much to everyone’s amusement the black ballet slippers chosen by Christos not only didn’t match but were both the left foot.

The greatest Gatsby
Galston Zumba instructor, Nina knows how to throw a celebration party. Nina wanted to acknowledge her 8 years as an instructor by bringing together her students in a glamorous and celebratory evening of merriment. It is apparent that in Nina’s circle there is an abundance of talent and on the night we had a non stop programme of singers, featured dancers, burlesque and even a pole dancer. Our Galston group worked on a choreographed routine to ‘Ain’t she Sweet’ and despite practising over a number of weeks the 25 strong troupe almost got it right on the night….well actually I should only speak for myself and apologise to the girls for those ‘oops’ steps I added and ‘oops’ steps I forgot.. The weeks of rehearsal and the wardrobe assembly were all a part of the fun and the actual night was dazzlingly spectacular. Nina, you are a super star!

Things I have learnt this month
Australia is considered free of Rubella , more commonly known as German Measles

Banging your head against a wall for one hour burns 150 calories, alternatively walking the dog for 45 minutes burns the same number and is less painful….. good information for dog owners, bad luck for cat owners.

The following palindrome can be read backwards ‘do geese see god’ ….do you have a better one?

According to research, the average male gets bored of a shopping trip after 26 minutes. Thats a surprise…haha!!!

Recycling one glass jar can power a television for 3 hours…not sure of the ratio of jar to tv screen???

“A Lovely Remembrance Day Service”
The significance of this 2018 Remembrance Day has been well advertised this year given that it is the 100th anniversary of the Armistice which ended WW1.

Due to this fact Galston Fire Brigade decided to make this Remembrance Day more special than others. They sent out emails and texts calling all available firies to meet at the Station Flagpole by 10:45am on Sunday 11th November.

Well, ten firies, mostly in uniform, attended, along with five children and three horses. They listened to “The Last Post” from a car radio, whilst two saluted and all stood to attention. The Flag had been at half-mast since 10:30 am and after the 11am “Minutes Silence”, was raised as the “Reveille” was heard.

I do hope many who drove past on Mid Dural Rd at this time noticed our Brigade’s honouring service of Remembrance. contributed by Christine Stockman

Please watch out for snakes. A few weeks ago, on a cleared, enclosed and fully fenced block in Calabash Road, Arcadia my beautiful dog Radar was bitten by a large brown snake protecting me and 2 other dogs. He was gone in 30 mins.

The snake was out in the open, around 8m from me and about 10m away from the house.

I house sit at this location and was in the garden weeding and Radar killed the snake to protect me and the house owner’s 2 dogs.

Keep grass short, clear anything snakes can hide in around house and take notice of bird alarm calls as they often see them first.

According to a snake bite treatment expert if anyone is bitten then keep them completely still as this gives them a fighting chance to get treatment within 12 hours. Stay safe. contributed by Hannah Green