Hawkesbury Road Repairs Update

Hawkesbury Council have advised that the following Hawkesbury Road repairs have been completed or are in progress:

Lower Colo Road – grade unsealed road
Percival Street – sealed road repairs
Bicentenary Road – grade unsealed road
Wheelbarrow Ridge Road – grade unsealed road
Brennanss Dam Road – seal gravel road
Pitt Town Dural Road, Pitt Town – sealed road repair
Gorricks Run – unsealed road repairs
Mulgrave Road – Mulgrave

Repairs are still continuing on Greens Road, Lower Portland due to extensive flood damage.

Hawkesbury Council said they are committed to ensuring flood-damaged roads are repaired as quickly as possible while ensuring the safety of motorists.
You can report any local road surface issues via this link 👇
Hawkesbury Road repairs