Goat Yoga

“Breathe deeply and experience the joy which surrounds you, let your mind and body be in harmony with nature, relax into the experience and feel your body gain in strength and energy”. These encouraging words were spoken by Inge, owner and instructor from Eliit Therapies in Galston.

On Saturday the 19th of August, Inge guided two sessions of yoga on the grassy courtyard nestled between her business, Aldi and The Collective Cafe. What made this yoga different and encouraged those passing to stop and watch was that this was yoga with goats. Ten miniature goats and kids pranced, paraded, frolicked and jumped, over under, on top of, between and around those taking yoga instruction from Inge. With the unpredictability of the goats, it was a challenge for Inge to create a serene experience, but she made it work, and what transpired was so much more than a fitness experience, encouraging you to free your mind,

The goats, with their unpredictably cute ways, helped enhance the yoga, this fun element made you focus on the moment and sharpen your concentration to make you acutely aware of your environment. It was yoga next level.

I participated willingly in this experience and found it richly rewarding in so many ways. Naturally the goats provided novelty and my body appreciated the yoga but what really struck me was the level of interest from the community; those who came to watch and the surprise of those who stumbled unknowingly upon it.

I want to thank Inge for taking the initiative to make a vision a reality and to give to her community a new and unique experience.

The Sydney Morning Herald were on location to report on the event, taking many pictures. But I hope you enjoy the photos taken by Tracey Dierikx from Kindifarm Dural who supplied the goats.

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