Glenorie Village Rural Roads Speed Limit??

A letter for all concerned residents of Glenorie

After well over 12months of contacting The Hills Council, RMS and Castle Hill Police voicing my concerns over speeding vehicles, in particular semi-trailers and B doubles on Whites Road, I was contacted by a representative from The Hills Council to inform me he had contacted RMS and was advised that any road around our village that is not signposted is 100kms/h. I find this ludicrous. I then thought back to the road rules where there is street lighting, so looked up the RMS website where it clearly states: Default speed limits: Where there is no posted speed limit sign, default speed limits apply.

In NSW there are two default speed limits, default urban speed limit for roads in built-up areas (ie where there are buildings next to the road or where there is street lighting) and a default speed limit for all other roads.

• Default urban speed limit is 50 km/h.
• Default speed limit for all other roads is 100 km/hr

I then rang council again, to tell said representative who tried to tell me that council don’t usually light rural roads. I informed him that I have been a resident in this particular road since 1976 and it has always had street lighting, so he looked it up and conceded that yes, I was correct but it must have been some new rule. New – from at least 1976?! I also reminded him that from our previous discussions, the road had been signposted with a 50km sign but it had been removed. He will get back to RMS.

Unbelievable, in my eyes, that they not only won’t listen to people who live here but are prepared to accept the 100km/hr where we have people who use these roads to walk as there are no footpaths, children who ride bikes and horse riders. Not just Whites Road but Boronia and Cairnes Roads, Sermelfi Drive and Harrison’s Lane etc. I urge residents to contact Council and the RMS to signpost these roads for the safety of our children, elderly and ourselves!

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