The recent rains through February and March have brought a great deal of change to our area turning the brown landscape to green and helping to finally extinguish the ravaging fires. It is refreshing to see life creeping back into the areas where fire and destruction has left its mark.

With all the rains, it may be tempting to move ahead with planned burns on your property. However, there is still a fire risk as fuel loads remain high in some areas. The Statutory Bush Fire Danger Period finishes March 31, but any concerns with conducting a pile burn can be addressed by calling Glenorie Rural Fire Brigade on (02) 9652-2017 and you will be contacted by an officer.

Our newest recruits are moving through their training and will soon be assessed in their bush firefighting skills to join the brigade as qualified bush fire fighters. If you have considered joining the Rural Fire Service, we encourage you to drop in on Mondays after 8pm or Saturdays between 2 and 4 pm to have a look at what we do.

Glenorie Public School recently conducted a successful Evacuation Drill, with all students and staff performing extremely well in a calm and timely manner. We would like to congratulate Principal Lyn Pearce and all participants on a job well done. Regular practice helps everyone to respond quickly, calmly and safely.

Do you have a fire plan for your home and family? Do you know your workplace emergency plan? A plan needs to be in place before the emergency. This is a good time to create or review your plan and use these last few months as a reminder of what could happen. If you would like advice on preparing an emergency plan, come and speak with us.