Glenorie Rural Fire Brigade

Village Firefighting Training On the 3rd of September 2022, our current village firefighting (VF) trainees had the opportunity to head up to the Sackville North training facility. Members of Glenorie, North Rocks, Middle Dural, Wisemans Ferry and Glenhaven brigade participated in several practical scenarios that simulated real emergencies that we are likely to attend. These scenarios included forcible door entries, commonly used to gain access to a building during a structure fire, extinguishing a car fire, watching a doll house demonstration, and learning about automatic fire alarm systems. Finally, the trainees ended the day with a controlled gas cylinder fire exercise using a two-man fog attack method to suppress the fire.

Training is an essential part of our brigade and ensures our members are able respond appropriately, effectively, and safely in times of emergency. This is done by maintaining a high-level skill set though continuous training at our brigade on Monday nights and Saturday afternoons.

Fire Danger Ratings Have Changed
On the September 1st, new Fire Danger Ratings were introduced which are now simpler to understand. Fire Danger Ratings provide an indication of the risk level a fire may have if one was to start.

The Fire Danger Ratings have been reduced from six (6) categories to four (4) categories, which are:
 MODERATE: Plan and prepare.
 Most fires can be controlled.
 HIGH: Be ready to act.
 Fires can be dangerous.
 EXTREME: Take action now to protect your life and property.
 Fires will spread quickly and be extremely dangerous.
 CATASTROPHIC: For your survival, leave bush fire risk areas.
 If a fire starts and takes hold, lives are likely to be lost.
 NO RATING: The white bar is used when there is a minimal fire danger.

Knowing the Fire Danger Rating may save your life, so it is important to understand the new rating system and use the ratings as a trigger for action in your bush fire survival plan. For more information visit the NSW RFS website at

Are you interested in joining the NSW RFS? We are always looking for new members to join Glenorie Brigade and we have a wide variety of roles available to suit everyone, ranging from firefighting, catering, and administration roles. If you are interested in joining our brigade, contact us via our Facebook page or simply stop in for a chat when we are open. The station is open Monday nights from 7:30pm, and Saturday afternoons from 2pm.