It is green and lush compared to this time last year! As we are all aware, our community was spare from threatening bushfires, unlike other parts of the state. Although this was a relief at the time, the approaching Fire Hazard season greets us with dense fuel deposits in our forests and bushland areas.

The new growth due to the wet weather will be adding to fuel loads already on the ground. This is especially a problem for Glenorie and the surrounding precincts as controlled burns were postponed due to the extreme weather and early fire season that engulfed other areas of the state last year. This puts us in a precarious situation of being even more vulnerable this fire season. It is especially important that you clear, clean and prepare your property. The RFS is here to offer advice and make efforts to help keep your family and property safe.

Keep an eye out for the Get Ready Weekend flyer in your mailbox.

It is yet another opportunity to check that your fire plan is thorough and effective. You can contact us through [email protected] or leave a message on the station phone requesting a visit from one of our team members.

Three Glenorie brigade members have been recognised for their service. As a volunteer organisation, the RFS relies on those who are willing to commit their time to the running and support of the Rural Fire Service. Recently, Cheryl Watts was recognised for ten years long service, Matt Lloyd for 20 years long service, and Rod Derriman for 20 years long service. We wholeheartedly thank these unsung heroes for their dedication and perseverance.

From the old hands, and those new to the service, we thank YOU, the community, for your ongoing support of the Glenorie Rural Fire Brigade.

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