By Heather Seacy

New construction in Glenorie brings more significant challenges to be ready to handle village firefighting needs. The brigade has successfully upskilled firefighters with courses in Village Firefighting, Crew Leadership, and Breathing Apparatus Support. These are all vital components of being prepared to respond rapidly in support of the growing local community. Members gave up their time freely to attend as participants as well as those with decades of experience to serve as instructors to these rigorous courses for the Hills District Command.

GLENORIE RFSSummer heat and the dry conditions mean potential fires. Your property should be bushfire prepared. If not, plan now! Set aside a day each month to check and clear-out gutters and yards of leaves, branches, and flammable materials. If this has not made your to-do list yet, it is never too late to start.

Infrequent rainfall events have the effect of regenerating the bush just enough to contribute to fire hazard fuels as new growth in the understory can dry-out prematurely and builds up the fuel loads already there. It is essential not to be complacent about fire season, even if there is more rain and the bush looks like it is greening this does not mean that risk has gone away.

Fire hazard reduction burns are continuing in the area. With the better weather, Glenorie Brigade has been busy catching up on scheduled hazard reductions and pile burns. In conjunction with neighbouring brigades, we have been tasked to complete large area fuel reductions across the district. Hazard reductions are on the schedule in and around the Glenorie area too, as we all share the concern of significantly reducing the potential for uncontrolled flareups while also keeping our flora and fauna in good condition.

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