Glenorie RFS

September is the last opportunity to do a pile burn before the fast approaching fire season. For the last few years, fire season has been brought forward due to warm and dry conditions, which is certainly a possibility this year. Many of us have been at home for August, with September looking to be set on repeat. However, this time at home continues to be a great opportunity for essential preparation of your home and property.

Hazard reductions were conducted around Glenorie and areas to the north through August, resulting in some hazy days. There were a few people that let us know they were not happy about it. We do understand. Sometimes these conditions mean you may have to change your plans, but the important work of hazard reduction must be conducted in the safest way and at the safest time possible, and that time is now during the cooler weather. Hazard reduction burns are just that, a precautionary means of reducing the risk to homes and property in our community during extreme conditions.

This is a proven strategy that works well, and Rural Fire Service, National Parks and Wildlife Service, and other bodies work together to ensure the appropriate works are carried out in the areas of greatest need.

If you plan to carry out any pile burns on your property, you must first get a permit from your council. Each council has their own rules regarding pile burns, so be sure you have received approval and a permit number. It is also important to notify RFS of your planned burn to help reduce unnecessary calls. Finally, be sure to let your neighbours know before you light up. It is all about keeping everyone informed and happy.

The RFS has implemented a handy QR code you can use to notify us of your pile burn. Use this after you have received your council’s permission to go ahead. It will take you straight to a form to fill out to help make the process a little easier.

September is when Glenorie and other local RFS Brigades conduct the Get Ready Weekend. As we are limited to contact, things will be a little different this year.