Glenorie RFS

Last month Glenorie Fire Brigade had a few busy days preparing for and participating in the Hillside hazard reduction.

The steep terrain and warm day certainly tested our levels of fitness, but the event was well supported by several local brigades, ensuring a safe and well-managed burn.

These burns can be conducted at any time of the year as required, but typically happen during low-risk conditions such as during early spring and late autumn. This is when it is dry enough to burn the accumulation of fuel on the ground, but the temperatures and winds are less likely to intensify burns and increase the risk of the fire getting out of control.

Controlled burns are just one way of preparing for bush fires and these are carried out by the RFS where approved. Hazard reductions can also be clearing undergrowth, slashing, and even the removal of fallen debris and ground fuel around your property by hand is a form of hazard reduction that will help reduce the impact of bush fire.

It is important to remember that hazard reductions in any form do not remove the threat of fire, and it does not remove the need for you and your family to be prepared. Please contact us if you would like some advice on how to best do this.

Keep an eye out for the new Prepare Act Survive campaign for this year’s bush fire season. It is called ‘Live Bush Fire Ready’. It focuses on the simple idea – “if you live near the bush, you live with the risk of bush fire. So live bush fire ready”. The campaign features real images and people from the 2019-20 bush fires, and touches on the importance of community as a motivator for preparedness.

On a lighter note, Glenorie RFS would like to share a hearty thank you to Eric’s Tender Meats at Galston Rd, Galston, for their kind donation to Glenorie Fire Brigade. It was very well received, and promptly well barbecued.