Glenorie Progress Association 2022

Time for Governments to Act The stretch of Old Northern Road in front of the Village, between Cairns Road and Whites Road. again posed a significant risk to motorists during the recent rains. Association 

Our local governments have done an amazing job maintaining the roads during the recent flooding. A stretch of Cattai Ridge Rd just after the bridge was washed away entirely yet replaced, in full, the next day by The Hills Shire Council.

And while there are many other stretches of road that need urgent attention, the stretch of Old Northern Road between Cairns Road and Whites Road, poses a real risk. Every time there is a significant rain event, this stretch of road severely floods. The water is well over the road to dangerous levels, simply because the drainage does not handle the volume of water… bad design.

One of the contributing factors to the lack of action on this matter may, yet again, be the lack of coordination between governments. The NSW Government maintains Old Northern Road, The Hills Shire Council controls the west side and Hornsby Council controls the east side.

The flooding consumed significant RFS resources when they could have been deployed to other areas of need. Association  Association Association Association Association Association 

We believe this stretch of road needs specific attention.

Gpa Opposes Massive Maroota Friable Sandstone Extraction Project
The GPA submitted an objection to the Maroota Friable Sandstone Extraction Project (SSD-10410). The GPA is not opposed to ongoing expansion of businesses generally in the area, to meet the demands of their clients. The GPA is not opposed to extraction projects. And the GPA would prefer any expansion to be in the vicinity of the existing sand mines.

However, the scale of the proposed project is really significant, some would say “massive”.

As well as the obvious ecological impacts, it is a large tract of land covering creeks and ridges, it is notable that P.F. Formation have recently added 20 laden trucks per day to the 200 laden trucks already approved. The proposal would add 30 X 2 way (15) light vehicle movements per day and 122 X 2way (61) heavy vehicle [19m truck and dog] movements per day and will continue to do so until 2030 and into the future.

The routes to market are via Glenorie, Mid Dural, Dural to Castle Hill on Old Northern Road and via Pitt Town on Wisemans Ferry Road. At a total of 281 heavy vehicle movements per day just from two quarries, the impact on both Wisemans Ferry and Old Northern Roads would not be considered ‘satisfactory’. Anecdotally, the toll observed on the roads from heavy truck movements are considerable and results in major road damage, especially in wet weather.

The roads are already in poor repair. New Line Road construction has not progressed. Traffic has returned and the district is grinding to a halt again. Adding more truck movements will again exacerbate the existing issues.

Mixed Reactions to Reduction of Speed Limits on Cattai Ridge Road

Cattai Ridge Road speed limits will be reduced from 30th March 2022:

Cattai Ridge Road between Boundary Road and 720m east of Neich Road – will be reduced from 80km/h to 70km/h

Cattai Ridge Road from 1.2km east of Neich Road to 80m west of Post Office Road, Glenorie – will be reduced from 70km/h to 60km/h

Many comments have circulated on social media in relation to the reduction:

“This was a “political” campaign by a “representative” body that didn’t consult local residents. It was an ideological objection to a situation. The real campaign should have been to repair the existing road and realign it where possible.”

“I drive CCR twice a day and the speed limit is not the problem it’s the idiots doing well over the speed limit or on their phones. I drive to the speed limit and, almost daily, I get tailgaters. I guarantee there will be more accidents if the speed limit is reduced.”

GPA has not taken a position on the CRR speed limit. Transport for NSW uses experts who assess a range of factors to determine the speed limit.