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4. The Holy Spirit will develop Christ in us.

The Holy Spirit comes to reproduce the character of Jesus Christ within us and to make the Lordship of Christ a reality in every area and experience of our lives.

The apostle Paul often spoke of this particular work of the Spirit. He told the Galatians of his great hope that Christ might be formed in them (Galatians 4:19). He told the Roman Christians that it is God’s continuing purpose that we should be ‘conformed to the likeness of His Son’ (Romans 8: 29). He wrote to the Corinthians that the work of the Spirit is to change us day by day into the likeness of Christ. (2 Corinthians 3:18).

This is the distinct, unique work of the Holy Spirit. But you say “Doesn’t Christ already live in our hearts?” Yes He does. Then how can He be ‘formed within us’?

Let’s illustrate it like this: You know how a chicken develops in an egg. At first it is only a tiny speck within the egg. But given the right conditions and provided these are constantly maintained, that speck will begin to develop into an embryo. Then as time passes the chicken is actually formed or developed within the shell until the whole of the inside of the egg is filled with a living chick. Then one day it breaks the shell and the chicken is revealed.

The word Paul uses, ‘formed’ (Galations 4:19), describes such remarkable development. So it is with the Holy Spirit. He forms within us the character of Christ, doing His work silently and faithfully as we allow Him. We could say He wants to maintain the conditions under which this work can be carried on, always with one aim in view: the reproduction of Jesus Christ in the shell of human flesh. That work will only be completed when we stand before Christ in glory.

The true evidence then, of the presence and work of the Holy Spirit in a human life, is how much of Christ may be seen in that life. Remember, the Holy Spirit is the Unseen One.

Christ said the Holy Spirit would not speak about Himself but about Christ. He will always hold the spotlight on Christ, not on Himself.   (to be continued)

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