Glenorie Mission Church

Is the Bible relevant today? Isn’t it just an old book about things irrelevant to a modern intellectual, science-based society? Can there be any truth in a book of religion?  Isn’t  religion itself just made up by mankind to try and explain things they didn’t understand or perhaps to make them feel good?  After all, in this post modern world we know so much more about nature and the universe around us to explain our existence.

Do we really need to manufacture a supreme being or power and call it God to explain how we came to be and give our lives any purpose or meaning?

The Bible itself claims to be true and relevant to all of us now and into the future (2 Tim.3:16,  Rev. 21:5, Mark 13:31, John 17:17) so if any part of the Bible can be refuted then how can we trust the rest of it to be true and who should decide which part is right and which part is irrelevant? To have any credibility it must be true and factual from beginning to end.

Thankfully we have a person historically verified by eyewitnesses, both hostile and friendly, to authenticate the authority of the Bible (Luke 24:27) showing us the character and personality of its primary author and giving us a reason for our existence, a purpose for our lives and a hope for our future: Jesus of Nazareth.

If it is true, it has massive implications for all of us. If not, what is the alternative?

Compelling reading!